CBD Cocktail Recipe: Mixed Berry Ginger Twist CBD Cocktail

cbd cocktail

How is it almost May?!

Although the last few months have been slow on the day-to-day, this year is flying by! My anxiety has definitely been heightened with the world being in a pandemic crisis and all, so incorporating CBD into my daily routine has been essential (along with some of these self-care activities).

I personally have been using CBD consistently for the last year and a half, but recently ran out! There was a noticeable difference in my anxiety, focus, energy levels and sleep quality when I stopped taking my tinctures.

cbd products

Thankfully, my friends at Magical sent me products from their newly launched CBD line, so I’m back in business. I’ve been using the products from this line for about a month now and this brand has been the best tasting and most effective by far! I love these CBD products because they are high quality, vegan, non-GMO, THC free, gluten-free, and made in the USA. 

Although I love a good sangria (see my red sangria here and rosé sangria here), I am always down for a handcrafted cocktail…especially when it’s infused with CBD. 

red sangria recipe

cbd cocktail recipe

Before this Mixed Berry Ginger Twist CBD Cocktail, I’ve never even had, much less made, a CBD infused cocktail, but it was SO good. 

I’m using two of my favorite products from the Magical line in this CBD cocktail recipe! You can use any CBD tinctures and gummies (I also really like Social CBD)  to make this yummy and relaxing happy hour beverage.

CBD Cocktail Recipe

cbd cocktail recipe

•1 oz vodka
•1 ml Magical Mixed Berry CBD Tincture (or CBD tincture of your choice)
•1 tsp ginger juice (or use freshly crushed ginger)
•1 tsp raspberry syrup or berry liqueur (I used this Jordan’s Skinny Syrup)
•6 oz lemon-lime soda (I used lemon-lime Zevia. You could also try ginger beer.)
•1 Magical vegan CBD cherry fruit chew (or CBD gummy of choice)
•1 strawberry slice 

1. Pour vodka, tincture, ginger juice, raspberry syrup and soda into your glass or shaker (if using a shaker, add 2 ice cubes)

2. Stir or shake until mixed

3. If you used a shaker, pour the contents into your glass (I used a martini glass!)

4. Drop in your Magical CBD gummy and top with a strawberry slice 

rosé sangria recipe

cbd cocktail recipe

This cocktail was light, refreshing and absolutely delicious! If you love a Moscow Mule, then you’ll love this drink too.

Have you tried CBD? Would you try this CBD cocktail recipe? 

Thank you so much for reading and sharing!


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