Keto Vanilla Strawberry Swirl Layer Cake With Buttercream Frosting

keto cake recipeHello!

How are we feeling, friends? As we enter week 2 of self-quarantining, I decided to pick up one of my long-lost favorite hobbies: baking!

When I was in high school and college I would bake almost weekly. Cookies, cakes, brownies, buckeyes, anything I could get my hands on. I even had a cooking blog in college where I’d share my favorite recipes! 

When I got diagnosed with PCOS (read more on that here), I changed my dietary habits and subsequently stopped baking. Sugar is one of the worst foods for women with PCOS as it aggravates hormones, and can lead to insulin resistance and a slew of other nasty side effects. And in my mind, baking and sugar were synonymous…until recently.

keto cake

About a year ago I tried a keto lifestyle for about 3 months before deciding to switch to low-carb (which I follow at least 5/7 days a week when I’m not on vacation). Eating this way makes me feel so good and makes managing my PCOS symptoms way easier. But, I definitely missed my sweets! I discovered Lily’s Sweets, Keto Bites, Quest Cookies, Enlightened Ice Cream, and sugar & flour alternatives that were not only delicious but healthy! So I was back in business.strawberry keto cake

Fast forward to this Valentine’s Day. I wanted to make something really special for Doug (he loves cake), but I also wanted it to be healthy and make us feel good. Enter this keto vanilla strawberry swirl cake with buttercream frosting. It was AMAZING and only has 5.5 g net carbs per slice!

I found this vanilla cake mix by Swerve a few months ago and have been using it as the base for all types of yummy treats since. I used it to make the strawberry swirl cake the first time around, but I didn’t write down the recipe because I made the majority up as I went. I am definitely not a recipe follower! lol

strawberry keto cake

So this weekend with all of the extra time on my hands, I decided to recreate the keto vanilla strawberry swirl cake and write down the recipe. This cake is gluten-free, keto, sugar-free, low-carb, diabetic-friendly and just all-around delicious. I will give some vegan alternatives as well, but just note that I have NOT tried this recipe with the vegan ingredients. 

I hope you love this cake as much as we did!

Keto Vanilla Strawberry Swirl Layer Cake
With Buttercream Frosting

Keto Vanilla Strawberry Swirl Cake With Buttercream Frosting


Strawberry Swirl Filling

  • 16 oz or 3 cups fresh strawberries,  (reserve 4-5 whole strawberries for garnishing)
  • 3 TBSP sweetener of choice (I used Swerve and recommend this or erythritol)
  • 1/2 lemon
  • 2 TBSP chia seeds (or 1/2 TBSP Xanthan Gum)

Vanilla Cake

Buttercream Frosting

  • 1 cup salted butter, softened (use vegan butter to make vegan)
  • 1 & 1/4 cups sugar-free powdered sugar (I used this powdered sugar)
  • 1/2 TBSP vanilla extract
  • 2 TBSP heavy whipping cream (use full-fat coconut cream to make vegan)
  • 2 TBSP of cooled strawberry swirl filling


keto cake ingredients

Recipe Instructions

1. Make your strawberry filling
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 12 mins (plus time to cool)
Tools needed: Medium-sized saucepot, stirring spoon, cutting board, paring knife, measuring spoons

  • Wash and chop the strawberries to make the strawberry filling (remember to reserve 4-5 for your garnish)
  • Place the chopped strawberries into a saucepot with a stove on medium heat. Let simmer for 2 minutes.
  • Add your sweetener of choice, the juice of half your lemon and your chia seeds.
  • Turn the heat to low, stirring frequently for 10 minutes or until the filling starts to thicken.
  • Cover your pot and remove from heat to cool. Put your filling mixture into the fridge to speed up the cooling process.


keto cake recipe

2. Make your vanilla cakes
Prep time: 5 mins
Cook time: 25 mins (plus time to cool)
Tools needed: Large mixing bowl, whisk, 2 round cake pans, butter knife or toothpick, measuring cup

  • Set your oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit (or whatever your boxed cake mix says).
  • Pour your cake mix into a large bowl and use a dry whisk to stir out clumps.
  • Add your eggs, water, oil and vanilla extract to the dry mix. Stir with a whisk until everything is incorporated.
  • Butter or oil your cake pans. I love these silicone pans because nothing sticks to them!
  • Pour half of the wet cake mix into both of your pans.
  • Put 2 TBSP of the cooled strawberry filling into each of the cake pans and swirl with a butter knife or toothpick until fully incorporated.
  • Place both cake pans into the oven between 23 and 30 minutes or until golden brown and cooked.
  • Let cool for at least 1 hour before frosting.

keto buttercream frosting

3. Make your buttercream frosting
Prep time: 8 mins
Tools needed: Hand mixer, large mixing bowl, measuring cups, measuring spoons, silicone spatula

  • Place your softened butter into a large mixing bowl and beat on medium speed with your hand mixer for 2 mins 
  • Slowly incorporate your powdered sugar and mix on medium to high for 2 minutes 
  • Add in vanilla extract and heavy whipping cream and beat on medium to high for another 2-3 minutes or until light and fluffy
  • Lightly fold in 2 TBSP of cooled strawberry filling

keto vanilla cake

4. Frost and assemble your layer cake
Cook time: 10 mins
Tools needed: Icing spatula or flat knife, plate or cake stand, pairing knife, cutting board, spoon

  • Place 1 layer of your cooled cake onto a plate or cake stand with the flat side up (you can level the round side of the cake with a serrated knife if you’d like)
  • Frost the top and sides of the 1st layer until completely covered
  • Once the bottom layer is completely frosted, spread the remaining strawberry filling on the top of the cake with a spoon
  • Place the 2nd layer cake on the top of the other layer, placing the flat side down
  • Frost the top and sides of the top layer until completely covered
  • Thinly slice your remaining 4-5 whole strawberries longways
  • Garnish the cake with the thinly sliced strawberries
  • Slice the cake and enjoy!

keto vanilla strawberry cake

If you’d like to see more about the nutrition facts on this cake, you can view them here

I hope you love this cake as much as I did! I kind of want to make another one haha.

Have you picked up any old hobbies while you’ve been self-quarantining?

Thanks for reading and sharing!


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