How To Host The Perfect Date Night In

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Looking to plan the perfect date night in? Doug and I have been dating for over 8 years now, so this has become a specialty for me!

While I do love a romantic night out, I often prefer staying in. It allows you to set the mood and menu, save money and have total control over the experience. And with it being cold outside right now, not having to leave the house is even nicer!

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There are a few essential elements to consider when hosting your date night, and a good drink is always near the top of the list. That’s why I’m excited to show you this Drinkworks® Home Bar by Keurig®––a new innovative product that allows you to seamlessly make high-quality cocktails, ciders, and brews with the touch of a button! 

Keep reading to learn how to host the perfect date night in.

How To Host The Perfect Date Night In

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1. Pick an activity that you both love

They say that opposites attract, but there is surely a handful of activities that both you and your partner enjoy. There are a ton of easy, fun things you can do at home, but here are some ideas to get you started.

  • Play a game. Doug and I love playing classic games like Trouble, Connect4, Uno and Monopoly, for instance.
  • Make a meal together. Cooking together is a great way to bond and make things interactive. We love making pizza from scratch!
  • Watch an old favorite movie. Pick a movie that you both love that has some sort of significance to your relationship, like a film you watched on your first date to the movies.
  • Dance. When’s the last time you busted a move with your love? This is a good way to have fun while still being super romantic.

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2. Serve your favorite drinks

No date night in would be complete without a delicious beverage! While I do love a glass of wine, I like to switch it up for special occasions with a fancy cocktail.

Crafting cocktails may sound intimidating but with the Drinkworks Home Bar, it’s as easy as selecting your favorite drink, pressing a button, and enjoying your ice-cold beverage from the comfort of your home. I honestly could not believe how seamless and quick the process was! Once Doug and I selected our pods, we grabbed the appropriate glassware, pressed start, and had beautiful, perfectly chilled cocktails in under 30 seconds. 

The Drinkworks Home Bar uses premium cocktail pods to craft delicious, bar-quality cocktails, brews and wines. Each of the pods contains all the ingredients for each drink and the machine adds water and carbonation, so you’d have to worry about having any alcohol or mixers on hand. There are over two dozen drink options available – spritzers, cocktails, ciders – and each drink ends up costing you way less than what you’d spend at a bar or restaurant. Doug had a Long Island Iced Tea and I had a Cosmopolitan! And my favorite part is that there is no clean up involved! So, you can spend that time with your loved one instead.

This machine is my new favorite addition to date nights in but would be perfect for any gathering, especially now during the holiday season. It would also be the perfect holiday or wedding gift! You can save $100 off the already reduced price of $299 by using my link! This is a limited time offer. Click here to shop. It’s simple and easy to do, simply purchase directly through my link and the discount will be automatically applied to your cart. 

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3. Set the mood

Whenever we do a date-night in, I like to have candles burning, cozy blankets nearby and light music in the background. I think it’s really important to help create a warm and romantic vibe and sets the perfect background for good conversation and cuddles.

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4. Have your favorite foods on hand

If you’re anything like me and my boyfriend, food is pretty important! Depending on what activities you have planned, you’ll want to make sure there are snacks or a meal. I usually prefer to have snacks and handheld foods vs a plated meal.

Here are a few tasty food ideas to try at your next date night in:

  • A cheese board with your favorite cheeses, nuts, and crackers
  • Pizza cut into squares (easier to eat this way)
  • Boneless chicken wings with dip
  • A mezze platter with hummus, pita, feta, and veggies
  • Sliders
  • Cookies or brownies
  • Popcorn

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Writing this post made me want to plan another date night soon! With the holidays around the corner, it’s even more important to slow things down and give a little extra love and appreciation to your partner. Plus, it’s a great excuse to put our Drinkworks Home Bar to use and make some delicious Cocktails by Keurig.

What does your ideal date night in look like?!

Thanks so much for reading and sharing.

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Drinkworks®, all opinions are my own.


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