Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Fiancé or Husband

gift ideas for men‘Tis the season to start your holiday shopping! 

For my first gift guide this year, I’m starting out with gift ideas for the men in your life. You can see last year’s gift guide here, but there will be more coming soon (and don’t forget to check out my Amazon page with more ideas)! 

Let’s be honest, men are HARD to shop for. I always spend way more time trying to figure out what to buy Doug, my boyfriend of 8 years, than any of the women I shop for. While it’s easy to just give them a collared shirt or socks, it’s nice to switch it up with more thoughtful, surprising and useful gifts, too.

I’ve enlisted the help of Doug to help me put together the ultimate gift guide for men! We’re sharing gift ideas that Doug has received and loved, bought for himself or things I found and he co-signed. 

Happy holiday shopping! 

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend, Fiancé or Husband

men's monogrammed bath robe

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1. Monogrammed Bath Robe

Every “man of the house” needs a monogrammed bathrobe! I got this robe for Doug our first Christmas together and he instantly fell in love! He still wears it around the house to this day, and he always looks so happy and comfy when he has it on. 

This is a great gift to make your man feel special while also giving him something super practical that he will cherish forever. Click the images below to shop for a customized bathrobe


jason markk shoe cleaning

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2. Jason Markk Premium Shoe Cleaner Brush And Solution Set

If you guy loves sneakers or nice dress shoes, he will LOVE this product. Jason Markk is the gold standard for all things shoe cleaning that can be used on sneakers, leather, suede, etc. I use it to clean my shoes, too, and it’s the real deal!

Doug is a major sneakerhead and swears by this product. This would be a great stocking stuffer for all your guys. Shop here.

airpods gift idea for men

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3. Airpods

If you’ve never experienced the bliss that is using Airpods, it is hard to explain. These little buds make listening and talking on the phone so much easier, and in turn, your life. 

Doug wears his Airpods at all times (not recommended lol), and it allows him to be so much more productive. Everybody needs these, and you will be a hero for gifting them! Shop them here.

64oz yetti rambler

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4. Yeti Rambler or Large Water Bottle

I bought Doug a 64oz Yetti water bottle a few months ago, and it’s his new best friend. He’s on his feet a lot, and his job sometimes requires him to be outside so hydration is essential. He loves the Yetti Rambler because it holds half a gallon of water, keeps the water freezing cold all day long, and it has a handle!

Yetis can be pretty pricey, so I’ve linked several similar water bottles any guy will love below. Shop a Yetti tumbler here


amazon echo mens gift guide

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5. Amazon Dot or Echo

We’ve got a few Dots and Echos around our apartment and they are super clutch. We purchased Dots for my entire family about 3 years ago, and my parents also love them (especially for playing music)!

They act as a speaker, digital butler, and virtual assistant. You can purchase a Dot here and an Echo here.

audible gift idea for men

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6. Audible Membership

Audible is an audiobook website and app from Amazon that allows you to listen to thousands of books at your convenience. There are several monthly membership plans, but I normally find myself going through 1 – 2 books each month. Depending on how voracious of a “reader” your guy is, there is a plan for you.

This app has been a game-changer for myself and Doug! It makes reading so much more accessible- and we all know the benefits of reading more 🙂 Doug loves all of the sports, business and self-help book options that there are to choose from. I listen to books while I work out, drive, have nothing to do…really any time and anywhere!

Gift an Audible membership here.

money clip wallet for men

7. A thin wallet with a money clip

This is one that men don’t know they need until they have! With limited pocket space, this super-thin wallet with a money clip has been one of the most-used gifts I’ve ever gotten for Doug.

It’s extremely durable, genuine leather and very sleek (comes in several colors). For under $15, this wallet can not be beaten. Purchase here

duffle garment bag for men

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8. Weekender Garment Duffle Bag

Doug got served an ad for this product and was SO EXCITED haha. If you travel a lot, this bag is pretty impressive. 

It functions as a duffle bag, garment bag, carry-on, a briefcase, AND it even has a space for your shoes, pens, toiletries, ties, books, and anything else you’d need. Plus it’s waterproof, scratchproof, has a long carrying strap and a slot to slide your roller luggage handle through. Comes in 3 colors!

Purchase this awesome bag here.

tommy johns9. Tommy John Premium Boxers & Briefs

Ok, so underwear isn’t a very creative gift idea, but premium underwear that makes your guy feel like a king…now that’s thoughtful! I know several men who have worn and loved Tommy Johns, but they’d never buy them on their own because they’re on the pricier side. Trust me, they are worth the splurge.

Shop the boxers here and the briefs here.

crosley vinyl record player

10. Vinyl Record Player

Got a music lover on your hands? A vinyl record player is a timeless gift that he will cherish for years to come.

I got this affordable and chic vinyl player for Doug about 5 years ago and we still use it all the time. And don’t forget to get at least one record while you’re at it! 



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