The Best Shows On Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now for Millennial Women

best shows on netflix

If you know anything about me, you know I love my TV shows.

I grew up watching a healthy amount of TV and was the best of friends with my DVD player (remember those old things?). One of my favorite things to do was to hang out with my mom and watch her favorite TV shows with her while eating pretzels and dipping them in peanut butter. I’m basically walking proof that TV doesn’t rot your brain! Haha.

As I’ve gotten older, media has gotten more diverse, technology has gotten better, and my love for TV shows has only grown. Between me and my people, I have access to Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, Amazon Prime and DirecTV. We have a Roku streaming stick (an affordable device that turns every TV into a smart TV) attached to all of our TVs, so we download all of the free network television apps to them as well! My favorites are the CW, ABC, Bravo!, and USA. If you have a Roku or Fire Stick, these free apps should be a part of your TV-watching strategy.

To save you hours of scrolling through Netflix, Hulu or HBO, I wanted to share some awesome shows that I’m loving right now! I work from home, so I let myself watch at least 1 show during the day, usually while I eat my breakfast or lunch! I love shows that allow me to multi-task, so most of the shows I’m sharing today will fall into that category. Although, I do love to watch the occasional complex and deep show that you can’t take your eyes off of.

My goal is to share awesome shows that you may not have heard of or taken the plunge into (and need a little push), so don’t be offended if you don’t see some of your favorite classics. I’ll include a link to a preview trailer on each show to give you a little taste of each! 

Grab your wine, grab your remote, and get ready to stop saying “I can’t find anything to watch” for at least a few weeks 🙂 Bookmark or pin this for later!


The Best Shows On Netflix, Hulu and HBO Now for Millennial Women

best shows on netflix

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When They See Us: A tragic and important story every American needs to hear/see. Preview

3%: Brazilian utopian drama, very diverse, intense. The language on this is Brazillian, but all of the actors have voiceovers, so it’s in English for you with no subtitles (unless you just like to have subtitles). Give it a chance! Preview.

Orange Is The New Black: Sisterhood, raw & real, emotional, hilarious. Believe the hype- this show is amazing! Preview.

The 100: Post-Earth apocalypse meets the futuristic Outerspace life. This sci-fi series is filled with action, drama, conflict, survival, and a bunch of weirdness. It gets MUCH better after season 1, so hold on if you get started. Preview.

Scandal: Intriguing, suspenseful, romantic, messy, action-packed. Amazing characters and character development for all main characters. Storylines always have plot twists and will keep you glued. Preview.

How to Get Away With Murder: Viola Davis. Nuff said. Preview.

Wentworth: The Australian, more grungy, serious and violent version of Orange is The New Black. The storyline and character development in this show is pretty great. Preview.

Queen of The South: Drug cartels, drug queens and lots of drama, action and romance. Preview.

Jane the Virgin: Telenovela-like drama, wildly funny, woke. This is one of my all-time favorite TV shows! Preview.

Good Girls: Hilarious, unexpected, girl power. Awesome cast! Preview.

Law & Order SVU: I once rearranged my college class schedule so that I would be free on Tuesday to watch the USA Law & Order SVU weekly marathons 😂. There’s a reason this is the longest-running live-action series in the U.S. Preview.

Charmed: Witchy, feminist + sisterhood vibes, progressive, fresh. This is the Charmed reboot that I partnered with the CW last year to promote! I actually loved this series and it got renewed for a season 2! Preview.

The Umbrella Academy: Creative, diverse, good mix of magic/adventure/suspense, easy and fun to watch. Preview.

Jessica Jones: Badass female superhero with a temper and a drinking problem. Action-packed, suspenseful, dramatic. Preview.

Dead to Me: Weird, funny, dark, clever. Get ready for a bunch of plot twists. Preview.

Dynasty: If you like Gossip Girl and following the pettiness and drama of the ultra-wealthy and their families, you’ll probably enjoy this one. Great for multitasking and a good laugh. Preview.

You: Thrilling, shocking, addicting. Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl grows up and turns into a creepy, murdery, stalky weirdo in NYC…basically. Preview.

The Haunting of Hill House: Scary, haunted, family drama, amazing plot, and storyline. Not for the faint of heart. Preview.

Awake: Netflix’s first game show! It’s pretty silly, but it’s good to watch if you need a crowd pleaser and something that will keep everyone engaged and entertained. Preview.

Other honorable mentions: Queer Eye, Bodyguard, Travelers, Lost, Stranger Things, Gossip Girl, Dexter, Ozark, Breaking Bad, Imposters, Shameless, The Sinner, Bates Motel, Riverdale

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Blindspot: FBI drama/action show with betrayal, vengefulness and a side of romance. Expect a few guest appearances from Bill Nye (so random, ha)! Preview

This Is Us: A roller coaster of emotions that I never want to end. Amazing actors, beautifully thought out plots and dialogue, diverse characters. Covers real-life issues like PCOS (I cried when they spotlighted this disease on network television, so huge), race, adoption, addiction, trauma, war and more. Preview.

Grand Hotel: Suspenseful, Telenovela-like drama, fresh. This one just started this summer, so jump on the bandwagon early! Really loving it so far. Preview.

Manifest: Dramatic sci-fi vibes, suspenseful, full of twists. A flight leaves the Carribean, is resumed missing, but returns 5 years later with everyone on the plane unaged and with special powers. This one is weird but really interesting. Preview.

Handmaids Tale: Captivating, twisted, amazing acting + production. This one is very dark and will take a toll on you. I don’t recommend binging, instead watch 1-2 episodes at a time and come back to it another day. Preview.

Power: 50 cent produces, directs and stars in this drama that follows drug dealing, business & entrepreneurship, love and the interworkings of the FBI. Fair warning- there is lots of violence and tragedy in this one, but it’s so good. Preview.

Homeland: CIA thriller that tackles war, terrorism (domestic and international), mental health, government corruption and more with a woman lead. Claire Danes’ character is strong, brilliant and real messy. This is one of my favorite shows. Preview.

The Blacklist: Action-packed, suspenseful, dramatic. This show follows an FBI most-wanted conman who works with the FBI to catch his “blacklist” of mobsters, spies, and international terrorists with lots of twists, turns, and deceit on the way. Preview.

The Enemy Within: Interesting plot, hella suspenseful, CIA drama, diverse cast. I definitely have a type of show, and this is it. The lead actress is Dexter’s sister Deb, so there’s that. Preview.

The View: Empowering, fiesty, political, feminist, informative. Don’t sleep on this show. It was recently named the most important political TV in the country show by the New York Times. Don’t @ me, but I watch this show daily, religiously lol. Preview.

The Bold Type: Dramatic, relevant, feminist, diverse, super relatable. Twenty-somethings navigating/friendship/sisterhood in NYC, exploring everything from sex, politics, and religion to race issues and sexual harassment. Preview.

For The People: New law school grads navigate the world of federal criminal law. Similar to How to Get Away with Murder except for more do-gooding and positivity and less murder and suspense…and the characters are actually real lawyers. Preview.

A Million Little Things: Friendship, realness, mystery, surprising. This show tackles allll the issues like suicide, depression in the black male community, infidelity, race, financial issues and more. Watch this! Preview.

Younger: Fresh, fun, cheesy, easy to watch. This might be the best multi-tasking show of all time, and it’s filled with positivity, ambition, friendship, romance and lots of laughs. It’s cheesy, but the best kind of cheesy. Preview. 

best shows on netflix


Game of Thrones: If you haven’t started this show, what are you waiting for?! There are no words to do this show justice, so I’ll just let this trailer speak for itself. PS- I wrote a blog post on all of the wines of GOT here. Beware, there are some tiny spoilers. Preview.

Big Little Lies: One of the best dramas I’ve seen in years. The cast is beyond incredible and you will be kept on your toes to the very end. Preview.

Insecure: Hilarious, unapologetically black, relateable. Isa Rae is a genius and this show is a masterpiece that will keep you laughing and wanting more. Preview.

Chernobyl: Enlightening, heartbreaking, historical greatness. This is really heavy, so take your time and watch an episode a week max. Preview.

Big Love: Intriguing, fresh, dramatic and messy at times. This fictional show follows the life of a polyamorous Mormon family navigating life in Salt Lake City. Preview.

best shows on netflix hulu and hbo now

Now I’m ready to watch some TV! Do you love any of the shows listed above? What shows should I add to this list?

Can’t wait to hear your feedback! Thanks for reading and sharing.


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