Why “Losing Weight” Isn’t One Of My New Year’s Resolutions!

new years resolutionsHappy 2019, friends!

Is focusing on self-love one of your goals this year? It is for me! I finally wrote down my New Year’s “resolutions”, and this is one of the first years ever that I didn’t set a weight loss goal.

To be totally real with you, I struggled hard with my weight and body image last year. There were brief moments where I put so much pressure into what my body looked like and let my scale dictate my worth. There were times where I would cry after weighing myself, avoid mirrors, workout to punish myself, do a crash diet out of desperation, look at photos of myself and feel ashamed, etc (self-love is a journey, people).

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new years resolutions

As someone with PCOS, I’m always setting goals around striving to live a healthier and more active lifestyle (and I totally support you in your health and fitness goals, too), but this year, I refuse to set goals focused on meeting some arbitrary number from a piece of metal! I’ve spent so much of my life dieting and obsessing over my weight, and I can’t stress enough that weight loss alone will not bring you happiness or make you suddenly love yourself. In fact, at my skinniest, I was way less confident and happy than I am today BECAUSE I wasn’t practicing self-love.

new years resolutions

So instead of trying to change the way you look this year, I encourage you to set goals around self-love, moving your body, nourishing your body, feeling good, and accepting your body how you are RIGHT NOW. Because you are beautiful, your body is a temple, and your worth is not determined by a number on a scale😘

new years resolutions

Here are my 2019 goals:

1. Focus on loving myself. 
2. Consistently move my body in ways that give me energy and nourish my soul. 
3. Be more present in my relationships. 
4. Get more organized and proactive with my blog and Instagram content (let me know if there’s anything you want to see!). 
5. Focus on growing my savings account. 
6. Drink raw celery juice every morning (I’m on day 5, and have seen huge improvements in my skin + sleep!).
7. Go to bed before 11 pm on week nights (why is this so hard?!).
8. Get a new car! I’ve had the same car since I was 15😱🤣
9. Wean myself off of foods that inhibit my PCOS healing (like gluten, sugar, dairy, etc.)
10. Continue to travel!

new years resolutionsWhat are some of your 2019 goals? Will you be focusing on self-love, too? Tell me in the comments below! 

PS: These pictures were taken by Doug when we went to Disneyland + California Adventure Park for my birthday in December!

With love,

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