25 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Dresses Under $50

cute valentines day dressesValentine’s Day is a celebration of all of my favorite things: pink, love, chocolate, wine and romance movies! 

For many years this holiday and I didn’t vibe, but as I’ve gotten older, it’s started to grow on me. 

When I was in college, one of my favorite ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day (or Galentine’s Day) was to get together with my closest girlfriends and eat pizza, drink wine, have girl talk and watch all the love movies! 

cute valentines day dresses

On the first Valentine’s Day Doug and I ever spent together (6 Valentine’s Days ago!), he put together a very elaborate scavenger hunt around the city we were living in at the time (Gainesville, FL).

The first stop was his house, which was filled with roses, candies, teddy bears, candles and clue #1.

cute valentines day dresses

For the rest of the day, I drove around going to a bunch of local businesses that all had clues and gifts, until I finally got to the final spot!

To my surprise, the last clue lead me to a McDonald’s ?. Doug, being the jokester he is, met me there, put a blind fold over my eyes and walked me to the real final destination.

cute valentines day dresses

When I opened my eyes, I was being served a private, catered dinner on a rooftop with beautiful lights and music in the background. 

It was truly magical and unforgettable!

valentino rock stud pumps

But no matter if I’m eating pizza on the couch with my girlfriends or being whisked around the city on a scavenger hunt, I am always festive!

cute valentines day dresses

Although I’m not sure what Doug has up his sleeve for our Valentine’s Day plans this year, I know I’m going to look snatched (and so will you if you stick with me!).

After lots of looking for my own perfect pink or red dress to wear this year, I found a ton of super cute options (plus sizes included)!Best part is they are almost all under $50.

valentine's day dresses

Outfit details: Pink sequin bodycon dress | Valentino Rockstud Leather 100mm Pump | Rebecca Minkoff Love Bag | Black drop earrings- sold out: similar here and here | Shapewear 

25 Gorgeous Valentine’s Day Dresses Under $50

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The pink sequin dress I’m wearing was so fun, but is definitely out of my comfort zone. I tend to stay away from bodycon dresses because I have a long torso and broad shoulders, but I’m so glad I gave this dress a chance.

It paired perfectly with my brand new Valentino rockstud pumps that Doug surprised me with on Christmas (a major splurge)! This dress would be perfect for Valentine’s Day, date night, New Year’s Eve, a bachelorette party or a girl’s night out. This pinkish purple dress I styled last week would also be perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Now that you’ve got the perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day, what are your plans?! Tell me below in the comments!

Lots of love,
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